I love Working And Experimenting In All Forms Of Multimedia

Do you need a soundtrack or audio clip? Do you need a t-shirt design or a branding help for your newly legal edible marijuana cookie? Do you need a short video that shows how awesome your band, business or kid is? I can help with all of that...and more.


A visually appealing yet functional website is a key ingredient regardless of what you’re trying to do. It’s 2016 amiright? I have 3+ years of freelance web design experience and have worked with all kinds of clients ranging from motivational speakers to record labels.


Music and sound can transform your project in the blink of an eye. The right soundtrack or sound effects have the ability to draw your viewer in like an alien abduction beam from heaven.


Solid video content is a big bonus when it comes to showing off your goods. If my skills aren’t up to snuff for your idea, you’re in luck. My colleagues run Bridgetown Creative and they are the bees-kneez, trust meez.


Captivating design elements are an absolute must. You gotta have em, you just gotta! I work Annie Miranda, a fantastic graphic designer with over 8 years of expierience for advanced projects. If Annie were an animal and her design work her prey she’d definitely be a mongoose…cuz ya know…they eat snakes.

I'm passionate about crafting things with clarity, creativity and honesty -

  • Audio Production & Development
  • Graphic & Web Design
  • Branding Development
  • Video Production & Development

I want to be someone for your business to lean on for any and all of your media needs. You know when you get a great idea for your business but aren't really sure where to turn to start get ideas and feedback? Hey! Look over here! That's my job. I got your back.

I have an amazing pool of brilliant creatives at my fingertips. If your project is bold and ambitious and is just to much for me to take on personally I'll form a super team of skilled craftsmen to knock your project out of the park.

Still reading this? Wow, you must be interested!

Here's some more information about stuff that I would write in the future but right nowI'm kind of out of stuff to say. What a really want to say is "Hey, listen, I'm not to shabby and I want to make awesome stuff for you. I'm not even looking for super crazy amounts of money, I just want to create awesome stuff!".

Stuff About Me and Why I Like Doing Stuff

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